Type your content here...I installed these in the rear of my 99 saturn. At the purchase price point they are simply I figured they might be cheap, but I thought they'd be somewhat better getting a decent brand on them. WHEN I installed them, they sounded so very bad i even returned to check which i didn't connect them up out of period. There is absolutely no bass. I am aware that out of an inexpensive 6.5 I wasn't heading to obtain a trunk of subs bass, but I'd have thought there would be at least just a little. Everything about them is cheap, like the mounting hardware. That is a classic "you get what you purchase" item. If you'd like speakers you don't care and want some audio, these will be fine. But I wish I'd have spend a supplementary 5-10 dollars, especially given that they aren't easy and simple thing in the entire world to access to change. See the next website